CLC administrates the following Further Educational and Training qualifications on behalf of Forward Personal and Business Excellence Institute:


Name of qualification SAQA ID Minimum Credits NQF Level
FETC: Retail Insurance 49835 140 NQF Level 04
FETC: Short Term Insurance 49929 150 NQF Level 04
FETC: Wealth Management 57917 150 NQF Level 04
FETC: Long Term Insurance 49649 140 NQF Level 04


The Forward Personal and Business Excellence Institute is an accredited INSETA provider: INSETA provider nr. 130228.

These qualifications are fully accredited by INSETA and recognised as qualification for purposes of the FAIS fit and proper requirements for representatives and key individuals.



Structure for delivery

At the start of each trimester learners will attend an induction session where the trimester activities will be discussed in detail.

A three-day training intervention will follow where the specific credits for that trimester will be dealt with in detail.

Learners will then have three months to complete the formative assignment for hand in on a specific date and time.

Towards the end of the trimester learners who were found to be competent in all unit standards for that trimester will be allowed to attend the final summative assessment for that trimester – this is a four-hour written examination on a specific date and time.

Learners will receive:

  • Printed learning material
  • Printed assessments in the format of assignments and questionnaires
  • Where it is deemed appropriate practical application will be included in structured learning in workplace activities


Time you will spend on the course

This is a one-year course based on the NQF notional hours, but length can be shorten or lengthened depending on student’s input.

The qualification is presented in Core, Elective and Fundamental modules the learner can select the number of unit standards he/she would like to complete per trimester.


Matric or grade 12 concessions

Element US ID Unit standard title Level Credits Notional Hours
Fundamental 8974 Engage in sustained oral communication and evaluate spoken texts 4 5 50
Fundamental 8975 Read, analyse and respond to a variety of texts 4 5 50
Fundamental 8979 Use language and communication in occupational learning program 4 5 50
Fundamental 8976 Write for a wide range of contexts 4 5 50
Fundamental 8968 Accommodate audience and context needs in oral communication 3 5 50
Fundamental 8969 Interpret and use information from texts 3 5 50
Fundamental 8973 Use language and communication in occupational learning programs 3 5 50
Fundamental 8970 Write texts for a range of communicative contexts 3 5 50
Total Credits and Notional Hours 40 400


Course dates

The course can be taken at the beginning of each trimester.



Forward Personal and Business Excellence Institute Pty ltd is responsible for the certification of the learners enrolled and learners will be issued with a letter of competence on completion of each trimester program and after verification by the ETQA will receive an INSETA endorsed certificate. Learner results will also be captured on the national learner records database via the INSETA SMS.

Credits will only be recognized by the FSB post verification by INSETA.


Fees 2018

The cost per credit is R132 excluding VAT.

Name of qualification Cost per credit

(Excluding VAT)

Fee without concession full credits

(Excluding VAT)

Fee with concession reduced credits

(Excluding VAT)

FETC: Retail Insurance R 132 R 18 480 R13 200
FETC: Short Term Insurance R 132 R19 800 R 14 520
FETC: Wealth Management R 132 R19 800 R 14 520
FETC: Long Term Insurance R 132 R 18 480 R13 200


Concession may apply for unit standards already completed. Please contact us for an alignment of your completed unit standards with the program unit standards.

The fee includes:

  • Learning material including study material and portfolios of evidence
  • Learner support via the Forward Training, tablet, sms and telephone
  • Assessment and moderation by INSQA registered assessors and moderators
  • Uploading of results on INSETA SMS system