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Quote Number QUO-493
Quote Date May 16, 2023
Valid Until June 15, 2023
Total R1,620.00
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1 Monthly FICA Compliance Services & Audit

Below is an outline of the services included in this fee:
Establishing, Implementing, and Maintaining the FICA Risk Management and Compliance Program and Policy
• Conducting an initial assessment of your current FICA compliance status.
• Developing a tailored FICA risk management and compliance program and policy that aligns with your specific requirements and industry best practices.
• Assisting in the implementation of the program and policy throughout your organisation.
• Regularly reviewing and updating the program and policy to ensure ongoing compliance.
Registration of Goodman Gallery as an Accountable Institution
• Assisting with the registration process of Goodman Gallery as an accountable institution under the relevant FICA regulations.
• Providing guidance and support in fulfilling the necessary registration requirements.
Online Initial and Ongoing Training on FICA Legislation
• Conduct online training sessions for your staff on the FICA legislation, covering the key principles, obligations, and requirements.
• Providing training materials and resources to support your staff's understanding of the FICA legislation and its practical implementation.
• Tailoring the training content to align with your internal policies and procedures, ensuring relevance and applicability to your organisation.

Sub Total R1,620.00
VAT R211.30
Total R1,620.00

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