Hi Anna, I just want to thank you for the great methodology and clarity with which you tackle RE sessions.

I passed first time and will be sure to recommend you to everyone.

Thank again


M Barros

Dear Anna

Thank you again for the amazing study guide, I passed with 78% after failing the first time.

Kind Regards,

S Forde

Good day Anna,

I hope this email finds you well. I managed to pass my RE5, I did exactly as you had instructed us to do. Again, Thank you!



Good morning Anna,

Hope you are well?

I only wanted to say, thank you so much for all your help, guidance, advice and input.

I wrote my exam on 6/11/2020 and when I started I did not recognise any of the questions!  

Fortunately I listened to you and focused on the studying and not the examples.

Also reading the questions and the marking of the words, I had a few that I almost missed!!!

I thought I was doomed, but I do not know how you got me there, but I passed on my first try.

Thank you, thank you.

PS:  I would really recommend your course and guidance!

​Kind Regards

L van Rooyen

Good afternoon Anna

I attended your class last year January and booked the RE5  this year October. I wrote the exam yesterday (9/11/2020) and passed. 

Just want to say thank you, your learning material and mock exams are spot on. 


S Mazibuko

Where to start…to say that these two letters R.E became a curse word for me is an understatement!!! I’m sure I would’ve rather gone through another year of COVID!

You get to the exam venue already trying to make sure you have no sweat stains on your shirt to avoid humiliating yourself in front of a room full of strangers, who are all most probably having the same gloomy thoughts, you take your seat, prepare to start writing. Once you done writing you hand in your paperwork and leave the exam venue with this feeling of a job well done, a feeling of accomplishment only to get your results two days later and you are faced with the reality that you in fact failed the exam.

Preparing for this exam was very tough for me as I had to adjust my mindset almost 360 degrees after failing it 4 times and change how I learnt and how to apply what I read to the exam. It was the help of Anna Bouhail from the Compliance & Learning Center and A LOT of perseverance that on the 5th try I passed my RE exam and to just say I GOT IT I passed it with an 80% end result. Needless to say that the Champagne was popped, and glasses were raised! I am so relieved that this exam is behind me…. Thank you so much to you Anna, really appreciate your excellent workshop that you did for us here in East London. It really helped alot, and especially getting me to understand what this RE exam was all about! I really recommend you! However, I believe that this is only the beginning on the road to the Short term insurance world…OH MY! Thanking you Carmann

Carmann Horsley

Good Morning Anna

I would like to thank you sincerely for the workshop I attended from the 21st of October for preparation for RE5.

I wrote my exam on the 3rd in Port Elizabeth and received my results last night, I passed and achieved 76%.

I certainly could not have done it without your prep material and workshop. 


T Wilson

Hi All. I would like to take this opportunity to share my experience with Compliance and Learning Center .

Anna, the facilitator is great. She walks, talks and breathes the RE. Listening to her talk for 2 days at the workshop made the preparation a lot better. She is such a naughty girl with brains. All that was ringing in my mind as I wrote the exam was ‘ON BEHALF’, ‘IRRELEVANT’…..,we heard a lot about strip clubs and Cuban cigars.

When Anna says you will pass believe her. She is a naughty girl who loves all her things in 3s. That explains why 1000s of her students pass!! If you you wanna find out how. Do attend the 5 star two day 18SNVL workshop. It’s all worth it!! 84% pass by the way😊😊

Andile Dlamini Mabaso

When my PC told me about the opportunity to obtain my RE5 with the help of CLC, I was really skeptical because I was unsuccessful on two previous occasions. I was actually so eager to prove Anna wrong in terms of her guaranteed pass rate, that I registered for the exams before I even started the workshop.

The one thing that Anna taught me is that the only way to progress is to forget everything you know because logic does not apply in an environment where things are literally black and white. This was by far the best advice she gave me and it was the one thing that set me up for success.

Anna knows her content and could probably present in her sleep and she also makes everything so relatable (from her daughter’s driver’s licence to the X-rated content – this helped me remember lots of things). I attended the workshop from 2,3 and 4 September 2020 and sat the exam on 7 September 2020 with the knowledge imparted by Anna, an understanding of the compliance environment and the importance thereof and more importantly, with the confidence that I was prepared. I obtained a 78% pass mark and that is largely due to Anna’s commitment and her passion for the compliance environment.

Thank you CLC and Anna Bouhail, the RE5 has boosted my confidence in my ability to take on the complex task of financial planning in a responsible manner. Like they say, third time is a charm.

Pamela Steenkamp

RE5 – “The most difficult exam you will ever write” – “Phoar!! Good luck on that one… I only did it 3 times” Such was the “moral support” from various friends when I told them I am writing my RE5 exam. Did I panic? Yes Did I feel overwhelmed with the work? Yes Did I pass first time? YES YES YES

Sitting in an online training session for 3 days, was a daunting task. But Anna, with her sharp whit and snappy comments, made the 3 days fly by. Her tips, videos, study material and warnings plagued my dreams interspersed with bright lights and unicorns. 14 September, I arrived at Moonstone’s offices in Pretoria. The sweat was running rivulets down my spine and my hands were sweaty. The facilitator even brought me a hand towel, so that I wouldn’t spoil my paper!

One single hour later, I was the only one finished. Looking around, I panicked even more and reread all my questions and made my insignificant little pencil marks darker. 3 days later, I passed with 78%. I could not believe it! I am not an idiot. But I would never have been able to pass this exam first time without the epic teaching skills and tips and tricks, taught to me by Anna Bouhail at Compliance Learning Center.

Freddie Holding

Hi Anna,

You are an absolute STAR, I cannot thank you enough, many thanks for all your help. I got the Doctors note sent to Moonstone, I got an extra hour and I passed my RE1, I got 73.75%. It was a tough exam and I had been a victim of smash and grab at a traffic light on my way to the exam centre last Friday. My driver’s window was smashed and my phone and phone holder was stolen at 7.45am but somehow I managed to still get to Moonstone exam centre before 8.30, even though I was in quite a state and had cuts on my fingers from the flying glass.

Well done Anna, many, many thanks for everything, this is such a relief!! Please see my results below attached.

Have a great evening.



Good morning Anna,

I trust this email finds you well.

I just wanted to let you know that Moonstone arranged an RE5 paper to be delivered to the venue for me, which I only found out when I sat down and they handed out papers, so I was beyond grateful and relieved to say the least. Then….drumroll !!!! I got my results yesterday and passed with a 70%! Against ALL the odds : )

Thank you, thank you, thank you Anna!

I will be posting on your Facebook wall and recommend you to any/everyone who asks me about the RE exams because I feel this is really a rabbit out a hat situation and wouldn’t have been able to do it without your incredible learning material and assistance!

Thank you !

Wishing you a lovely day further!

S Lodewijks

Dearest Anna

I wrote my RE5 exam on Monday and received my results yesterday that I had passed… first time!

I don’t think I would’ve been able to do it without your amazing training and detailed study guide.

Thank you so very much for being so amazing!

Kind regards

T Caissutti

Hi Anna,

I trust that you are well,

Just wanted to say thank you very much for your classes on RE5. I had attended them in early September and used only your study material.

I passed the exam on my first attempt! 😊

N Rajdew

Hi Anna,

May I just say you are such an amazing lady .

It’s the 1st time I attend a workshop that wasn’t boring lol.

The way you explain things, just know that they stuck in my head.

Especially the silly examples, they make you understand the work so much better.

At 1st I said I felt stupid, I think I used the wrong word – wanted to stay confused.

It’s really hard not to compare everything I read with my daily job – Must say that was challenging .

But your explanations, small words, distracting words, red pen etc I can go on and on ..allowed me to understand the way one must learn RE .

I’m so glad that I did not study before the workshop , even though I was stress thinking I would not have enough time to study.

Today I start my 1hour study. I’m writing on the 5th lol may the almighty be with me .Promise to give you feedback..

C Norkee