Good day Nathan and Anna,

I would just like to thank you and the compliance team.

I wrote my RE5 exam on the 12th of February 2021 and received a pass rate of 80%.

Keep up the excellent work!! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without your assitance!!

@Anna your advise on how to approach the exam and the way you explained the work assisted me so much!!

Thank you guys!!

A Adams

Anna, ek kan nie genoeg vir jou dankie sê nie. Nadat ek in 2018 my RE5 danksy jou geslaag het, het ek nou RE1 ook met die eerste probeerslag gemaak.

Duisend dankies!!! Jy is absoluut die beste in wat jy doen en ek bid dat jou besigheid ongelooflike hoogtes sal bereik.

M Eksteen

Hi Anna

I hope that you’re well and happy.

Just thought I could let you know. I passed my RE5 that I wrote yesterday. I had my highlighter highlighting key words and followed as best as I could your advise.

I don’t think anyone could ever have a better person and workshop to prepare for the examinations. 

May you receive God’s best and biggest blessings, and I hope that many others will be blessed by you as much as we are.

Thanks a lot.


Katlego Labello

Hi Anna

A BIG shout out for all your help regarding RE 5 & 1 preparation!

I was so devastatingly nervous the hour before the exam, I accidentally drove 4 blocks on the wrong side of General Hertzog Street before realizing But thanks to the comprehensive study material & several mock exam papers, I managed to pass well above 80%.

I will always remember that The Compliance officer actually does F***-all 😉. And, working with the CLC team up to the exam was such a delight.

Thank you again for enabling us to keep doing what we love, while genuinely helping people in the ups and downs of life.

Zander Raath

Deidre you are booked for RE 5😱 Me thinking. Oh no 😬not the much dreaded RE5 and this in the middle of a pandemic. I feared RE5 almost as much as covid 19… Prep Workshop is going to be done using Zoom (oh my word just slap me already) and it’s going to be done through Compliance Learning Centre (who are they🥱🤔..eish another bomb.

Long story short after all you are going to fail, it’s bad, only a few make it the first time around Re RI literally had nightmares…and then Theeeee Dayyyyy was on me..falling over my feet, nerves, headaches I was like someone who is using the laptop for the first time for Zoom…And the whole time through this Anna and Compliance and Learning Centre kept us up to date and unformed so that everything went smoothly and study material or anything you needed to know was just a touch of a button away….it started, I settled in as she explained everything… and wow I started getting excited😊😃it was not just learning and studying✍️☝️👓🖊️✏️📒🖋️📒📖📚it was interestingly presented in a fun, practical way. All facts but given to us in scenarios you can relate to..never🥱 boring. Use full very useful and you can use and implement it to everyday life.

Thank you Compliance and Learning Centre and Anna. I’m hooked on your way of teaching and would most definitely recommend you💪💪💪💪CLC is the best 💪you guys rock🥰🕺💃 what a great experience and not to mention all i have learned🙏❤️🙌😊👌 Yesssss👌👌💪💪💪i passed first time around..70% all thanks too you❤️🥰😘

Deidre Ess

I would recommend Anna anytime of the day, she is there even after hours to assist in understanding the roles and requirements of RE.

I lived on people’s fear and failure long enough to start doubting that i can make it but when Anna hosted the workshop with us on Zoom and said “if you follow everything i tell you to do and read the guide to understand then you have nothing to worry about”

I knew from that moment that failure is a choice and only lazy people will forever see problems in every solution… Thank you so much, Anna, for the workshop, I got 78% on my first attempt not because I am an academic but because I followed every instruction you gave us during the workshop… You did your part and I did the rest…

Lucia Malapane

Hi Anna,

I passed RE 1 first attempt with 73% with 3 weeks prep. as advised in the classes and I must say I finished slightly ahead of time because the preparation was that good. Thank you for lending your expertise I’ll definitely partner with you for CPD going forward. All the best!


I would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank you so much to the CLC facilitator Annah.” For helping me Pass my RE5 with excellence Marks. (75%)

If it wasn’t her tutorials maybe by now am still preparing to rebook my 4th attempt. I am forever grateful. I am now ready to challenge my career being FIAS Compliant, with my RE5 bagged. Its was such an awesome experience being on the workshop at Apollo Hotel. We were catered very well great hospitality and we gain a lot of tips on how to approach the Exam.

I am going to share the organisation with my friends who wish to write. And happy to say came 2021 am going to register again RE1 and Class of Business need to be achieved!I know with CLC is all Possible!! Thank you so much for helping me achieve my Goal! My dad almost doubted my intelligence when I was failing it the second time.

Nqobile Mazibuko

Hi Anna

Just want to say thank you!!!!!!!

I’ve attended the 2-day RE5 classes in Cape Town last month… and wrote Thursday 10 Dec 2020 and just got my results ……

Thank you I PASS!!!!!!!!! What a nice Christmas present

Have a good weekend


J Williams

Good day Anna

I have passed my R5 exam with 68%. Thank you for instilling more knowledge in my mind and I have followed all your preparation tips. Now I’m up for the R5000 cash price to be won.

Thank you

Dumisani Ngobe

Dear Anna,

I attempted the RE5 and passed that as well 82%

In a space of 1 week…

Thank you so much for your help

SJ Pillay

Hi there

I just wanted to thank Anna for her amazing course – I passed both my RE1 & RE5 with the first attempts 😃 x

Have a blessed December & new year!

A Geldenhuys

Good Day Anna,

I just want to let you know that I have passed my RE1 exam. I am very thankful for your online course as I am sure that I could not have done it without you.

Thank you!

Kind Regards,

R van Rooyen

Hi Anna,

I passed RE5, thank you so much for your workshop i followed your strategy. 


A Nunwane

Dear Anna,

I trust you are well.

I just wanted to say thank you for your very informative workshop. You really do make a difference…

I know the RE1 attempt before the RE5 was a challenge on my side… My exam was already booked for the 1st or December, and when I attended the workshop on the 21st and 22nd of November, I was getting cold feet as it was a lot to study in a week. However, I took the challenge, and I passed the RE1 first attempt… I also booked for my RE5 which I’m writing next week… 😊

Thank you for your help!

SJ Pillay